The greatest difficulty is that of not believing in one’s capabilities. When we demoralize ourselves, we create the perfect avenue for others to see us as inferiors. We are uniquely made and uniquely different in our opinions, let no one look down on you. Stay blessed, good morning



Opportunities are grabbed only when we prepare for related tasks, when we envisage for a future yet unknown, then we unconsciously prepare the mechanisms required for its sustenance and accomplishment. How prepared are you? Stay blessed, good morning.


A society devoid of prejudice is a secured society, one with hope and equal opportunity for excellence.


A society excels if only everyone sees the needs and aspirations of others worthwhile and worth achieving. When there exist an iota of prejudice, developing a society becomes a dream rather than an achievable reality.


The concept of development transcends wishful thinking. The society oftentimes sets acceptable standards for measuring success. No one is truly successful if these standards are not met. However, the society’s scale of measuring success is dependent on the value system of the society. A society that places credence to the development of her citizens will definitely create avenues to help achieve excellence.

In a prejudice composed society however, nepotism becomes the order of the day, rather than aspiring for collective success, the urge for personal gains dominates and overshadows good practices. Merit becomes out of place, there is the gradual declination in self-worth and value systems become eroded. Survival belongs to the fittest. Existence becomes a privilege rather than a right. The society divides into factions and groups with each fighting for personal gains.

Uncommon words begin to emerge, there exist a clear distinction between those who have and those who do not. Terms such as stratification finds its way into the description of the society. There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, while in most cases power belongs to the rich, the poor are generally called the grassroots, they are those who are often called the deviant, the rebellious set of people. The voices of the grassroots are oftentimes not heard. Gradually, they become an outcast in a society that once housed them all.

There is a need for an urgent intervention, the unconscious gap created in the society should be bridged. The more the society is left unattended to, the more the gap widens, the more the people suffer collectively, the society breaks down gradually, and if care is not taken may suffer beyond repair.



The beginning of a new year, the demise of a previous one. 2017 left, ushering in 2018. The previous year was one of mixed feelings, anxieties and reactions. 2017 was indeed [Read more…] one which tested courage, determination, loyalty, and alas a test of faith. The year also ushered in good bounties, redefined relationships, amongst others. Daily Diets started, an avenue to keep in touch with students and well-wishers.


The beginning of a new year, the demise of a previous one. 2017 left, ushering in 2018. The previous year was one of mixed feelings, anxieties and reactions. 2017 was indeed Continue reading “WHAT 2017 BROUGHT ME…”

WHAT THE SCHOOL SHOULD PRODUCE; Dummies or Problem Solvers

The mind of a child at birth is generally agreed to be blank. The child gradually learns from the environment. He picks up traits, behaviors and attitudes that are representative of his immediate society. Usually, as the child begins to develop, expectations begins to increase. There exist a lot of hurdles the child is expected to scale through, these hurdles are generally agreed to prepare the child for the imperfect society. A society that may not necessary cater for the child’s existence.

The child’s first point of contact with the society in most cases is the school. An assemblage of individuals often tagged teachers who monitors, guides and directs the affairs of the child. The school is expected to exist in a building that houses as many great talented individuals as possible. As scholars will say, not everyone qualifies for the teaching profession. Hence, teaching is considered as a profession, since by definition, a profession is an occupation that requires adequate training, a training that in-turns qualifies its practitioners has professionals. Professionals are individuals that possess at least the minimum qualification required for the profession.

Thus, the teaching profession stipulates minimum entry qualification. This minimum entry qualification varies by country. In the Nigerian educational parlance, the minimum entry qualification as stipulated in the National Policy on Education (NPE); (2008) is the Nigeria Certificate in Education, popularly called the NCE. The Colleges of Education are expected to issue the NCE Certification to qualified individuals. Usually, these individuals are people of integrity, people who value, protect and honor the integrity of the teaching profession.  Similarly, the NPE recommends that educational qualification can be attained from any of the following: Faculties of Education; Institutes of Education; National Teacher Institutes (NTI); Schools of Education in the Polytechnics; National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN); National Mathematical Centre (NMC).

The Colleges of Education are the bedrock for the teaching profession, as they prepare the would be teachers for the future. Pre-Service teachers in the colleges are usually equipped with various knowledge drawn from fields such as psychology, leadership, management, supervision, record keeping amongst others. This in-turns prepares teachers in training for versatility. A properly trained teacher is a versatile teacher, one who consciously plans and facilitates the teaching and learning process in the classroom.

The trained teacher can thus decide to aspire for additional certifications, these certifications affords the teacher the opportunity to be well informed about international best educational practices in schools, research methods, test analysis, diagnostics and interpretation amongst others. When the school is equipped with qualified individuals, the nation can easily boast of a reliable economy; for the school is capable of achieving sets goals and objectives. The school produces thinkers, problem solvers, pragmatic individuals rather than dummies who constantly rely on the society to help solve their problems.

The need to constantly equip teachers upon attaining desired qualifications cannot be overemphasized, private companies, parastatals, and many other outfits in the business world concurrently train, and re-train their staffs, this is to ensure that these individuals are well equipped with acceptable practices that meet international standards. Hence, since education is at the center of the nation’s development, avenues should be created for teachers upgrade and career uplift. Teachers in most developing countries are usually superfluous, hence meeting globally acceptable practices becomes a challenge.

As evident in developed countries, learners are no longer dogmatic, learners no longer receive knowledge poured into them by a moving library called the teacher. In most cases, the teaching and learning process can be likened to a negotiation ground. Opportunities are carefully created for the learners to take ownership of the teaching and learning process, with the teacher functioning as a facilitator, for when learners take ownership of their learning, knowledge obtainable becomes real and applicable.

Learning should be an all-inclusive activity, one which fully involves the teacher and the learners, when both parties are engaged, constructing meanings become easy, less time consuming and rewarding. In a dynamic and competitive world, the school should strive towards meeting global standards by equipping the learners with relevant prerequisite knowledge about the larger society. In a similar vein, there should be a synergy between the school and the society.

As globally recognized, the role of the school with emphasis on the key players cannot be underestimated. For a progressive society, the teachers’ role should not be undermined. A society that does not pride her teachers creates room for idiosyncrasy, celebration of fame and shame, fraudulent practices, nepotism and all forms of corruption. With the right education, the common man can easily different between an oppressive government, and a modest government.

Due to the nature of oppressive Governments, having the right education will create a barrier to passage of bills that will enable fraudulent practices, hence the need for the fall in standards of education in most developing countries, once the citizens are rightly informed, a fraudulent practitioner can never triumph, the need to further cripple the education sector manifests. As rightly asserted by educators and the Nigerian NPE, teachers’ levels of education in a country dictate the pace of the nations’ growth. Thus, most developing countries prefer to have unqualified teachers in citadels of learning, for when unqualified teachers teach, learners cannot readily apply instructions at schools to the day to day running of their activities. Learners are thought to be apt crammers, facts regurgitants and people who constantly depend on others.

In a modest economy, avenues are usually created for the well-being of learners, role models are readily available, learners find schooling interesting, since they are fully engaged and thus create a perfect synergy between house chores and school works. In this situation, the school is able to produce learners who think outside the box, problem solvers and achievers. Equal opportunities abound for learners to be successful, learning thus become interesting, creativity is encouraged, ideas are shared and problems are gradually eliminated.

It is therefore imperative for developing countries to imbibe best educational practices. For with the right education, the common man becomes valuable, corrupt practices become a thing of the past, dignity of labor is recognized, the role of the teacher is redefined, the school no longer produces dummies, but problem solvers.




Each time we witness an anniversary, it is often laden with celebrations, gifts, merriment, goodies and bounties. It gives us a refreshed feeling, a renewed hope, a rebirth, a season to reflect, ponder and identify latent meanings and messages embedded. It’s just a privilege not a right. Life presents everyone with different opportunities, some find theirs stress-free, and some have theirs difficult. Each and every one definitely has a purpose, a vacuum to feel, a task to implement.

When we ponder on how far we have come, we begin to see the generosity the Sole Administrator has bestowed on us, the privilege we enjoy, the debts we can never pay, should we be made to pay. We read the news, sometimes, we make the news. We receive announcements, some rejuvenate our hopes, some weaken our existence, yet we find reasons to carry on. It’s just a privilege, not a right.

Same date, previous years, it was the same celebration. One which redefines the moment of my birth, the periods that depicts my existence, seasons come, memories form, events unfold, so many things go by. Within the periods of the previous celebration and this, so many news emerged and shall continue to emerge. Some good, some bad, some perhaps cannot be placed. In all, forging ahead is key.

Previous years, Grandma was very much around, but now she is no more, we continue to celebrate our years on the surface of the earth, yet we gradually approach our final abode, our inevitable endpoint, the earth we step on daily will finally become our body casing, our companion, no designer wears there. When we still have the strength to right our wrongs, it is imperative to do so, for when we transit into the world of forms, our shadows become what we leave behind, our shadows can either be for good or for bad. May our shadows bring good memories.

When we depart the surface of the earth to our journey unknown, the indelible prints we leave behind begin to hunt or work for us. Stories about our existence starts forming, we get a new title attached to our names, a title that requires no certification. All our regular degrees become irrelevant, what may eventually stand the test of time is our dealings with people, the number of people we help out of difficult times, or the number of difficulties we create for people. In all, we shall all live memories behind.

Life presents us all with the opportunities to do good. Greed, selfishness and the urge to dominate others gradually sets us apart. We begin to stratify ourselves, we make justifications for our gross greediness, nepotism soon becomes common place, the common man has no hope. The privileges he is meant to enjoy become favors he begs for. He soon finds his abode in uncompleted buildings, for he no longer can afford a good home. His kids lay around the street beckoning at whoever cares to see them, often clothe in tattered dresses. Rags become something to cherish. The wife is long gone or remarried, that is if Mother Nature never called her.

Yet, the privilege minority who made it impossible for the common man displays luxuries all around. Luxuries obtained from ill-gotten wealth. Monies meant for the welfare of the general populace have found its way into someone’s private coffers. Alas, time will tell, those monies shall find no way to the final abode, they shall be left behind, the big men shall also become an inmate of mother earth, wherein the earth they once desecrate will be generous enough to accommodate them. If only we can ponder.

For every child on the street, every beggar on the road, every less privileged or displaced individual, there is someone, somewhere that has failed to do the needful. Life never gave anyone the opportunity to choose families. We were all made equal, but we begin to find faults within ourselves. Men no longer value each other. Life becomes so worthless and can be taken off without a second thought. Ritual killings, corruptions, domestic violence, and so many unimaginable acts gain prominence. We all seek power, for power means dominance. We no longer seek common existence, every man for himself. Those days of love your neighbors as yourself seem archaic, perhaps only found in religious books.

It is never too late to find our ways. We can all achieve world peace if we desire to. It starts by recognizing the need for a brighter future, one which depicts hope for the generations to come. One devoid of nepotism, corruption and almost all vices available in our present generation. In all, it is a collective effort, not to be limited to a few, not our leaders, but all and sundry. Let us begin by treating people equally without any iota of bias or favoritism; ignoring the call for violence and embracing peace. We shall achieve this and many more. It is never too late to change our ways.