As a child grows, people’s expectation from him or her begins to widen. The child is usually at the center of everyone’s view. From parents, to family, to friends and the entire society, the child is expected to fulfil certain tasks at certain ages. When the child does so correctly, the child is seen as worthwhile and perhaps a better kid, if otherwise, questions begin to arise and people ask, what is wrong with the kid?

Many a times, the child is placed in a position he or she never bargained for. From meeting family demands to school work then to society’s expectations from him or her, the child begins to navigate his or her actions to soothe those of the society rather than his or her self. Rather than chasing personal dreams, the child begins to live a life created by the society.

Usually, the child goes through the process as a way of impressing others rather than fulfilling his goals, dreams and aspirations. Occasionally, meeting up expectations may become challenging, he begins to chase courage and source for motivation. These oftentimes may not come when needed, and when external motivation seizes, the child gets sucks up. Withdrawal tendency sets in, self blaming begins and alas, the once upon a time successful child begins to struggle.

Setting standards for the child should never be placed far above the child’s personality. When the set goals, standards and aspiration set are inline with those of the child, achieving them becomes a less difficult encounter, for the child rather than seeking external motivation is internally motivated.

In all we do, motivation is vital, it is a way of helping us develop. Motivation as earlier identified could be intrinsic or extrinsic. Usually when praises, accolades, are showered on the child externally, the child begins to create a Stimulus-Response behavioral pattern. The child begins to associate success to external rewards. When rewards seizes, the level of association may begin to decline over time, except when the child values exceptionally what he or she does.

Intrinsic motivation is motivation from within. The child gets an internal push to attain certain heights, achieve certain tasks, rather than depending on an external stimuli. The child self-motivates his or her self and learns to be independent early enough.

Usually, the society rewards good behavior by praising the child and giving a negative reinforcer to the child when the child fails to achieve or attain certain expected limits. It is thus imperative for the family, friends and the society at large to help reposition the thinking process of the child to those that urges them to break boundaries, set new records and attain greater height.

Children should be given the privilege to explore and find what truly makes them happy, parents, friends and the society should help realign the child’s thought if found to be contrary rather than imposing on the child, for when tasks are imposed on the child, the child is made to live within his shell rather than thinking outside the box.

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Sometimes we may appear to be under pressure, not because there are deadlines to meet, but because we realign our thoughts and allow the negative feelings overshadow our positive thoughts. Many a times, what we require is a little time off, a short nap or a total change of events.

When our tasks begin to take a greater part of our persons, it is important to ask ourselves if we really believe that should be happening. There are no hard and fast rules to life, all we should do is try live and let others live.

The people we interact with oftentimes influence our actions, thought processes and perhaps our daily lives. When all we get from our interactions are nothing but hurdles, bottlenecks, challenges and no iota of solution, it is high time we reconsider those we should be mingling with.

There is nothing wrong in correcting a colleague, friend, spouse or anyone, however, the way, manner and approach used should reflect those of sincerity of purpose devoid of any sentiments, bias or prejudice. By so doing, we help eliminate negativity and help sustain positivity. No one is born without an iota of uniqueness, it is how we transform these unique features to success that matters.

There should be no comparison whatsoever, for in comparing ourselves to others, we may begin to see ourselves less in value without understanding the fact that life is a journey and everyone has a schedule time of arrival. There are no schedule for success or failure, it all depends on how prepared we are.

At every point in our lives, there are challenges, it is how we transform these challenges to our success stories that matter. Settling for a defeat should never be an option, but rather a starting point, for in every failed encounter, there is an hidden lesson to be learnt.

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Consistency is an essential driving force in all endeavour. No one but you understands the pathways that lead to your desired destination, others can only speculate and assume your destination. Having a purpose in all we do is vital and consistency essential. Consistency is key. Stay blessed


When we approach a situation from a single perspective, we undermine other alternatives to such situation. In most cases, a single solution does not necessarily present the apt solution to an encountered situation. It is essential that open mindedness is key wherein ideas are weighed without bias of any form to generate an ideal solution. Stay blessed, good morning


A society devoid of prejudice is a secured society, one with hope and equal opportunity for excellence.


A society excels if only everyone sees the needs and aspirations of others worthwhile and worth achieving. When there exist an iota of prejudice, developing a society becomes a dream rather than an achievable reality.


The concept of development transcends wishful thinking. The society oftentimes sets acceptable standards for measuring success. No one is truly successful if these standards are not met. However, the society’s scale of measuring success is dependent on the value system of the society. A society that places credence to the development of her citizens will definitely create avenues to help achieve excellence.

In a prejudice composed society however, nepotism becomes the order of the day, rather than aspiring for collective success, the urge for personal gains dominates and overshadows good practices. Merit becomes out of place, there is the gradual declination in self-worth and value systems become eroded. Survival belongs to the fittest. Existence becomes a privilege rather than a right. The society divides into factions and groups with each fighting for personal gains.

Uncommon words begin to emerge, there exist a clear distinction between those who have and those who do not. Terms such as stratification finds its way into the description of the society. There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, while in most cases power belongs to the rich, the poor are generally called the grassroots, they are those who are often called the deviant, the rebellious set of people. The voices of the grassroots are oftentimes not heard. Gradually, they become an outcast in a society that once housed them all.

There is a need for an urgent intervention, the unconscious gap created in the society should be bridged. The more the society is left unattended to, the more the gap widens, the more the people suffer collectively, the society breaks down gradually, and if care is not taken may suffer beyond repair.