So the conversation went this way;

CHEATER: perhaps he said; “you are laughing abi”?

Receiver End: Nooo, I’m not laughing ooo. I am coming oo

CHEATER: perhaps he replied;  “They will see us”

Receiver End: Sebi, you will just call me and I will come to your office, nobody will see us na


Receiver End: Uncle, I am coming to play with you oo.

And that was the conversation between a terminal female student and her teacher, nooo, call him cheater, on the day they had further mathematics examination. What is the definition of play as used in the dialogue above? Obviously, from the flirtatious dress the student had on, the definition of play is not far-fetched. For a girl of barely sixteen to call her “cheater” and request for a play in the school, then the question of morality is a thing of the past.

Apart from the dialogue in the conversation, what moral values does the girl hold, if any? To question what her family values are like is checking for water in a basket. A morally upright family will never allow her girl child wear what she had on, not to imagine enrolling her in a miracle center.

That is just a preamble.

It is the season of examination. The fevers of WAEC, UTME, and what have you are spreading around like wild fire. The newly introduced admission pattern devoid of a post utme in Nigerian schools have opened the doors for a business boast for special centers also called miracle centers. The child can no longer settle for a C or B. Every student needs an A. Without numerous A parading the grade lines in the child’s result his/her admission chances are so slim if not narrow.

In a bid to help their children pass excellently well at any cost, the child is withdrawn from the previous low performing school and registered into a miracle center. In the miracle center, the child’s exams success is very much sure and guaranteed. All the family need do is make payment and the cheaters in the hell of learning will perform the desired miracle. All they need are A’s.  Little do they know that they are creating a dark future for the next generation. A generation that has been helped to grow under the auspices of immorality. Later, the present generation complains of the nature of the generations yet to come.

Visibly, the generation for tomorrow are nurtured starting from our today. It is not sufficient to guide our immediate generation alone and leave the upcoming generation in dis-array. But clearly, the present generation is the architect for the dis-array of the upcoming generations. The present generation owns the schools, the religious centers, the political arenas and all agents required for socialization of the child. What are the present generation leaving behind for the future generation? Gambling, malpractices, corruption, nepotism, forgery, the list is endless.

To those who writes on the platforms of learning, what moral values are transmitted in our teachings? What conscious efforts are we making towards making right the wrongs of our present generation? The attitude of thirty days make a pay will not allow most people air their views on issues pertaining to school discipline, for they did not come by their jobs easily. Immorality is now common place in schools, cheaters woo those under their tutelage and everyone seems to be okay with this prevailing happenings.

Back to the issue of examination malpractices and the quest for A’s. Perhaps, the girl in above conversation happens to be one of those in search of A’s in miracle centers. The confidence with which she spoke made it clear she was determined to have her A’s no matter what the cost may be. The call was made publicly and everyone looked on, she was in the company of her colleagues who listened and smiled as the conversation went on.

Indeed, she spoke with a cheater, an angel of doom. What moral standing does that cheater have to be a member of the citadel of learning? This and many more are issues we all need to deliberately ponder upon. She and her network were miles away immediately after the call, attempts to recognize her and possibly the receiver of the call was unsuccessful. Questions on morality need be asked, what values does the school portray; what values are inherent in the school system, are teachers in the school system really teachers or cheaters, what criteria fits perfectly for the definition of morality. These and many more questions needs be critically examined.

The parents, guardian and those who transmute into miracle centers in a bid for “excellent results” are the reasons the country remains where it is. How will such a child cope upon gaining admission? How well can such child perform the required tasks when the needs arise? The answer is simple, payments; financially or by sexual gratification, after all the child was not doing such for the first time, yet the families look on. Most families in the miracle center business are unconsciously preparing their child(ren) for laziness and unseriouness. For a girl child, promiscuity is imminent. Gambling, bullying and other forms of immorality awaits the boy. Yet, such parents will argue; our girl/boy child can never indulge in such acts, but clearly, their foundations into the real world were launched with lies.

Cheaters are not teachers, teachers are not cheaters. Though, they have the same letters, their arrangements are different, signifying a difference in expected roles and functions. The present may seem too stringent for teachers, but along the continuum, hard work pays. The students a teacher carefully guide into a model worthy of emulation will in his/her life time gratify the teacher. Similarly, accolades and praises may be showered on cheaters at the present moment, but in the nearest future, such praises begin to manifest their true meanings; curses upon curses, for such individuals never mentored, never guided the child towards preparing for the numerous tasks ahead. The results they paraded where never theirs, they were bought, and whatever one never labored for, can never be cherished forever.

The message herein is crystal clear, admissions into the higher citadels of learning should be obtained with merits and not through miracle centers or nepotism. When the child fails, it does not necessarily mean the child is a dullard, rather it may be as a result of the psychological nature of the child or other factors. Parents should not so much love their child(ren) to the extent of indulging them in examination malpractices, for whatever foundation they erect for their child(ren) will serve as a reference point for their tomorrow. Help eradicate immoral practices in our examination centers. Grade A does not determine the success of the child.


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