The theories on evolution make it clear to understand the fact that man and indeed the elements in a society evolve over time. This by no means supports the notion that man originated from apes, because it is apparent that men thinks and creates, apes do not. However, evolution as used here depicts a trend in behavior or a graduation from one form to another.

It is quiet like an epic movie how happenings and events in the society take form, in ways that where many years ago unthinkable not to mention possible, while some of this happenings are commendable, many are disgusting, and one begins to wonder, will this last forever. In a world that advocates unity in diversity, then it’s obvious that the saying; one’s best meal is another’s worst meal. A deity in a town might be the worst enemy in another.

A quick drive around town and you will marvel at what you see. Some gladdens the heart, while some troubles the heart, and makes you query, will this last forever. In many society, indiscipline is fast celebrated as bravery, tactfulness and smartness. Yet, we begin to find relevance to the saying; where there is no law, there is no crime. However, what happens in the reverse scenario where there exist a law, but only effective to a greater minority.

It is quiet shameful that even the progressivesr are quick to find a defence on their acts whenever they are indicted. It is also worth noting that the tactics many employ nowadays becomes quiet planned, systematic and strategized that we begin to envision a season movie. Many a times, developing nations fall a victim of this ploy. The way such nation manage to exist presents a question of doubt and perhaps, one quickly conclude that there is no place for collaborative governance.

Where the leadership is in complete disconnect from his followers, then one expects that, the followers dreams become mere wishes written on white cloud, that disappears once the sun awakes from its slumber, a mere mirage. A dream that may never come true.  A talk with most of the followers clearly presents frustrations in minds, but the usual belief of man as a brave entity makes such an individual hide his feelings. Man begins to suffer and smile, no wonder the lizard praises itself, when no one seems to care.

Back to the issue of evolution, perhaps in the quest to become Mr. White and live a life of Mrs. White, Mr. and Mrs. Black are fast forgetting their uniqueness, their long lasting cultural values that Mr. and Mrs. White will pay a fortune just for a slice. No wonder the saying, we do not value what we have until we lose it. It is quiet saddening to see how worthy cultural beliefs and traditions are neglected at the sight of an offer of a green card. Perhaps, Mr. and Mrs. Black want a good life.

What makes one even confused is the leadership class of Mr. and Mrs. Black, one may conclude that they came without been ready for the tasks ahead of them. They came only to send Mr. and Mrs. Black’s population to the rear of the rear. Perhaps the answer might be found in the definition of Black. What readily comes to mind at the mention of Black? Of course, the answer is not far-fetched, what is not clear, what cannot be easily understood, what depends on others for its functionality. We hear of the black hole, the black spot, and black body amongst others. The only white hole known has a definition. A definition attributable to the big bang, which was responsible for the creating of our universe. These elements are quiet smart. They are fast in making our objects of pride unworthy.

The situation becomes appalling when Mr Black sees any attempt from his counterpart aimed at his correction, an act aimed at dehumanizing his person. This same Mr Black appreciates it when Mr White refers to him as a Nigga, a common element that has been reduced to the lowest of the low. Perhaps, it is crucial for Mr & Mrs Black to have a rethink without any form of bias. He needs to wake from his slumber and regain his consciousness, else the white looking entity will soon sell his culture to him.

What one may find a little incomprehensible is the definition attached to the concept of civilization or perhaps call it modernization. With this new terminology, one is presented with a sense of neglect or a feeling of not wanting to be engaged or involved. A nobody’s duty to correct somebody, all in the name of modernization. An attempt to correct the so called Modernized individuals but with wrong or misplaced ideology earns one a reputation he never begged for. He is inhumane, not accommodating or too demanding.

The growing population of the world is gradually witnessing an advent in the decline of the concept of mutual truth and respect. This is a virtue that clearly differentiates Mr. & Mrs. Black from Mr. & Mrs. White. The latter longs to get this virtue, while the former eagerly throws his traditional beliefs down the drain. This is so because Mr. & Mrs. Black’s ideology has been so corrupted, perhaps needing a re-format. They have been sent into the rear, a position which places them in eager yearning and anticipation for Mr. & Mrs. White misconceived knowledge.

No wonder he is not relevant even in his hometown, his education has been ridiculed, his cultural values have been long lost, his sense of belongings seem so far away. He sees his neighbor as his constant treat. People no longer belief in the biding spirit that once uplifted the Blackman’s nation. Rather than advocating for transmission of the moral values and virtues available in the Blackman’s culture, we eagerly welcome the Whiteman’s culture of no culture.

However, these days should not last forever, for if they do, we may be relegated into the shadows whose location becomes an almost impossible task. Like the saying goes; the sun is still available to dry the wet clothes. It is never too late to cry for our missing cultural beliefs. When the Blackman is ready, he will surely get his cultural virtues back.


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