Is education really a tool essential for our tomorrow? Perhaps, we have been brain washed to think of education as the only way out of a dogmatic yesterday, but take a deep breathe, how will life be without education? Only if you ponder.

The need to outshine one another is now prominent among individuals, rather than advocating team work, we are geared towards promoting self-glories, praises and achievement, hence the “I” factor syndrome.

The boss sees the subordinate as a threat to his position, the subordinate sees the boss has being too “bossy,” the one who cannot be approached. Where is the place for team work, each existing as an individual unit under the disguise of an organization, yet lacking essential qualities of an ideal organization.

The school is an important aspect of the education process, the aspect saddled with the inculcation of formal education. The one that prepares man for his inclusion into the formal setting, the world of competition, rivalry and perhaps mockery, a system strategically designed to stratify people into strata and stylishly creates a disjoint into our common existence.

The question of what the school hope to achieve needs to be asked, a system of integration or disintegration. A citadel where staffs are in constant disharmony with one another, an instance of perils and gangsters, the saint becomes the villain, just to mention a few.

It is no news that a tree does not make a forest, neither does a book constitute a library. The pathetic situation in a nation’s academic institute has degenerated into a world of cabals, class and clique. If you do not belong to a particular clique or “ruling class,” your aspirations are short lived. When will the message be conceived and not perceived as an attempt on character assassination.

An institution where the ruling class twist popular opinion into their selfish benefits, perhaps they thought, one will live forever, forgetting that our today constitutes the framework for tomorrow’s history. It will be said has they say today; “that road was constructed by that man of blessed memory, similarly, people will say; “that wicked administrator that denied us our fundamental human right and privileges, where is he today?” Only if we ponder do we decipher the message.

Our situation is one in which people are fast at creating defense, we begin to here, it is an attempt by the opposition to upset the “innocent man’s thinking, as if the man ever thought innocently, no man is guilty, the guilty fellow is that one who cannot empower the liars or in this case lawyers. The common man is left to suffer at the expense of the high and mighty.

When people’s aspiration begin to flourish, some begin to think, rethink and form as their hobby the witch hunting tactics. A race for the successful fellows or individual to be cornered into the class of the witch hunters, the clan of the oppressors, the majors of the minors, where is the place of the truth seekers? They are constantly framed, dejected and left to die unceremoniously, oppressors are celebrated at the throw of a few bundles or favors, and we must remember posterity will judge us.

The over reliance and emphasis on self-glories and accomplishments in the society makes it even worse for collaborative efforts and achievement, individuals want accolades, praises and personal gratification. The ultimate gratitude lies within the framework of joint efforts, that is where the joy resides, like the popular saying; “who has your works benefited.”




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