We all wish to witness our days of fulfillment. Days whose shadows will recreate good memories. As we add a year, we rejoice and celebrate. Many a people see this as a normal thing, a right and not a privilege, but the truth of the matter is that it is but a privilege and not a right.
Yet we dream, dream, dream and dream for a better tomorrow, a worthy future, which some may never be chanced to witness. But seriously it is so for all, as we unconsciously draw closer to our final destination; the grave, each time we add a year, hmm, we lose a year.
Dreams not be realistically achieved, thus, appearing to many as a castle built on a sea with little or no reinforcement.
Oh, what a life we live in, a life of competitions, aspirations and so many challenges, not bothered if the means to cater for them all are actually achievable, yet man continues the search to fulfil his never ending desires.
However, the real issue should be “what values have we added to some one nearby or far away, what reaction follows immediately after the mention of our names, are we problem solvers or a problem on its own.” The question seems endless, but the truth is the memories of our tomorrow are planted by the actions of our today. It’s easy to blame a faulty movie on the director, but our wrong memories and actions are our doings and ours alone. Like the saying, it is whatever a drunkard nurses that actually comes to past, not the effect of alcohol.
May our shadows bring good memories.
To all SEPTEMBER born, happy celebration and remember a year more, a year less.