Book review: ‘The Christmas Secret’ by Donna VanLiere

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The Christmas SecretIt’s Christmastime! Who doesn’t want a warm, comforting, cozy read at the holidays?

Single mom Christine is just trying to keep it all together. Working long hours in a restaurant with an ex-husband breathing down her neck, Christine’s kids remain her priority — but there never seems to be enough. Enough money, enough time, enough anything.

Threatened with termination if she’s late for work one more time, Christine is finally on schedule when she discovers a woman collapsed in her driveway — and though it means unemployment (and right before Christmas), she stops to help her. After Christine unceremoniously dropped at work and left scrambling for another position, she finds work in a bakery — and meets one of the handsome regulars, nicknamed Table Six.

Across town, department store owner Marshall is dealing with his surly grandson, Jason, a cocky, fresh-from-college idealist who values his own accounting skills too much…

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