Ever taken time to ask young kiddies what name their mum is called, perphaps try it out and you will be amazed at the response they give…. on the average, my mummy’s name is mummy.

This explains why a young child claims ownership of all items with similarity to his, he doesn’t imagine that someone somewhere will have same items as theirs. He is ever ready to defend his ownership from the preying hands nearby.

Generally, this is ideal for a growing child, he is perhaps in his pre-operational stage if we take cognizance of the works of Jean Piaget, the psychologist. The child at this stage is innocent, why will somebody be claiming ownership of his mum’s dress, his dad’s car or perhaps his favorite doll.

As one grows, we begin to simulate this event and wonder if we at a time were guilty of this allegation. In most cases, we all are for it is a natural decree, a level that should be reached and passed.

So to all with the youngies, they owe it all, for is their turn, let them be. Happy reading. Cheers.


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