It is a popular saying that the journey of one thousand miles start with a bold step, a journey one may or may not necessarily say what lies in wait for the explorer. So also is the journey embarked upon by individuals in love with one another. A journey with so many events yet to unfold. It can be likened to the situation of a book review, a situation whereby two book reviewers each given the task of reviewing the publication of bidding publishers. In most cases, the review may or may not yield desired outcomes particularly if the review is done with a mindvset of prejudice. In most cases, the journey between these two individuals many atimesstarts with the public declaration and affirmation of the existence of love between them, this is usually done in the form of exchange of marital wows, a declaration which is made with pride. To make matters more passionate, these individuals unconciously arrest themselves with the smallest handcuff ever made,… the wedding ring. They pray for their union to be fruitful and serve as a model for other relationships. As earlier stated as in the case of the book reviewers, events begin to unfold, individual characteristics begins to manifest. Communication distruption sets in, the gap begins to widen, who is going to bell the cat, each party begins to outshine the other rather than been a pious supporter and comforter. Marriage failure set in, the love and affection diminishes, but in most cases, there exist an iota of love left inside of these individuals but the ego factor of whom to bell the cat distrupts its manifestation. However, most model marital relationships many may say was made in Heaven have in most cases passed through this phase of struggle, but the backbone for its sustainance is mutual trust and respect. This is key for most successful relationships. Other essential flavors amongst others are; Humility, Honesty, Collaboration, Motivation and The can do spirit. It should however be added that these characteristics may not necessarily be found all at once in an individual and as such individual party should strive towards complimenting each other, rather than playing the faults finding game. Thus, to all intending to sail in the lovers boat, this is from me to you, happy exploration. Happy reading, Cheers.



Ever taken time to ask young kiddies what name their mum is called, perphaps try it out and you will be amazed at the response they give…. on the average, my mummy’s name is mummy.

This explains why a young child claims ownership of all items with similarity to his, he doesn’t imagine that someone somewhere will have same items as theirs. He is ever ready to defend his ownership from the preying hands nearby.

Generally, this is ideal for a growing child, he is perhaps in his pre-operational stage if we take cognizance of the works of Jean Piaget, the psychologist. The child at this stage is innocent, why will somebody be claiming ownership of his mum’s dress, his dad’s car or perhaps his favorite doll.

As one grows, we begin to simulate this event and wonder if we at a time were guilty of this allegation. In most cases, we all are for it is a natural decree, a level that should be reached and passed.

So to all with the youngies, they owe it all, for is their turn, let them be. Happy reading. Cheers.