The basic C’s in life are; Competition, Companion and Courage. These C’s are highly required for the development of a wholistic being. I must say at every point in life, the need for a visit of this C’s is highly vital.

Competition made a total  being, makes him sees life as a battle field for survival, makes all understand that life is a challenge, a total package to be attained but not on a platter of gold.

Companion makes you understand that all is not about a race, in fact what matters most is been able to make an impact in someone’s life. Not just someone passing without leaving memories, good memories are essential.

Courage is the most essential, its battles oppression, cowardice and what have you. It gives you the push that you need whenever you need it. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Life is a journey, essential to be understood by all. Cheers.


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