The drop in our traditional values could be accounted for by the presence of our new world of innovation, the technology. The question raised across minds of great men and women of these technologically driven world is “where is our insight dragging us to.” The cultural values are dying, the young man is power thirsty and in his quest to quench his taste, solace is found across all areas, provided it pays the seeker, surviver at last, no emphasis is placed on the position of the society on the solace so found. The future of the developing child is saddled with so much hindrance the present generation unconsciously sowed, now the developing ones are tagged, “the leaders of tomorrow”, where as the leaders of today are not setting the right standards for the future leaders. The young child is faced with the choice of who to select as his role model. The question is any person qualified for so position. The answer lies in your hands, there is fire on the mountain and no body is on the run.


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