July 1 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶   Though solar panels and wind turbines in the Eastern US do not produce as much electricity as they do in the West, they have far more positive effects on health, because more of the power they are replacing comes from coal. [90.5 WESA]

¶   Australian National University researchers have developed a material that can store large amounts of power rapidly – and with very little energy loss. Based on the mineral rutile, a mineral of titanium dioxide, it may be developed for capacitors for grid electric storage. [Energy Matters]
… The hope is that the new material could open the door to electric cars that can be recharged in minutes, and wind and solar power that can top up the grid as needed. [The Australian]


¶   Tokelau is preparing to move into a second phase of its 100 percent renewable energy project. Last year, Tokelau…

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