A contented individual does sees the importance of his life. He is not moved at any plot to sway him towards compromising. He stands firmly to his views ad-midst challenges, he does recognizes the importance of his name, not just a tagging symbol, but a source of daily inspiration to him if judiciously deciphered. He does stands for something and that is greatest, success and triumph, no matter the obstruction.

The above is the ideal man, but is this man still on planet earth, one begins to wonder, perhaps, he has taken the next flight to Mars or possibly gone into extinction like Pluto.  He finds it really difficult to exist in this contemporary society of ours filled with different individuals of heterogeneous nature.

One may ponder if this should be the case for an ideal man, a mentor, a model. No. the order of the day lays credence to the direct opposite of the ideal man, he is seen as a rebel, an outcast who does not flow with the trends in the society. Mother nature is far from his rescue, he faces neglect, and stigmatization. He is seen as someone who should have existed in time past, perhaps in the time of investors and technocrats.

The society today prides herself with social imbalance, stratification  and salvaging the society does not seem to be in the dictionary of the ordinary common man. No one is to blame, since the job has not been allocated to anyone and since it is no man’s job, perhaps someone is waiting for somebody to do the job for everybody.

The point raised here is just a clarion call to all and sundry to rise and raise heads above water, live up the dreams of the functionalists and the pragmatists. Be involved, do not sit back and relax thinking someone is going  to do the job, its our job, our responsibility. Happy reading. 



Ever wondered why the sky is blue, why the young toddler falls and trys to add more efforts to his walking skills, why some are naturally talented and some are not, why the fingers are not equal. The list is endless.

We live in a society of composed of heterogeneous personality, but what we do in most cases is to try adjusting to our immediate environment and not the environment adapting to our already established way of life. Ever wondered why this is so. No, perhaps the busy nature of man had made it difficult to ask probing questions and as such answers to this endless questions seem far away.

Psychologists believe learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience, can not agree less though, but these experiences require occasional processing to become permanent. This explains why the young toddler does not give up on his first attempt to walking.

The world ahead is graced with people of bright dreams, the question is how many of such dreams actually materialize. Fear of the unknown, self defeat and the can not mind set is a major challenge, no wonder, man is seen as the major problem of man.

We need to start today to create a positive image of the future ahead of us, start leaving with the can do spirit and always finding an avenue to excel despite numerous challenges. Thus, creating a positive picture of one’s self is essential. Happy reading.


The basic C’s in life are; Competition, Companion and Courage. These C’s are highly required for the development of a wholistic being. I must say at every point in life, the need for a visit of this C’s is highly vital.

Competition made a total  being, makes him sees life as a battle field for survival, makes all understand that life is a challenge, a total package to be attained but not on a platter of gold.

Companion makes you understand that all is not about a race, in fact what matters most is been able to make an impact in someone’s life. Not just someone passing without leaving memories, good memories are essential.

Courage is the most essential, its battles oppression, cowardice and what have you. It gives you the push that you need whenever you need it. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Life is a journey, essential to be understood by all. Cheers.

July 1 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶   Though solar panels and wind turbines in the Eastern US do not produce as much electricity as they do in the West, they have far more positive effects on health, because more of the power they are replacing comes from coal. [90.5 WESA]

¶   Australian National University researchers have developed a material that can store large amounts of power rapidly – and with very little energy loss. Based on the mineral rutile, a mineral of titanium dioxide, it may be developed for capacitors for grid electric storage. [Energy Matters]
… The hope is that the new material could open the door to electric cars that can be recharged in minutes, and wind and solar power that can top up the grid as needed. [The Australian]


¶   Tokelau is preparing to move into a second phase of its 100 percent renewable energy project. Last year, Tokelau…

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The drop in our traditional values could be accounted for by the presence of our new world of innovation, the technology. The question raised across minds of great men and women of these technologically driven world is “where is our insight dragging us to.” The cultural values are dying, the young man is power thirsty and in his quest to quench his taste, solace is found across all areas, provided it pays the seeker, surviver at last, no emphasis is placed on the position of the society on the solace so found. The future of the developing child is saddled with so much hindrance the present generation unconsciously sowed, now the developing ones are tagged, “the leaders of tomorrow”, where as the leaders of today are not setting the right standards for the future leaders. The young child is faced with the choice of who to select as his role model. The question is any person qualified for so position. The answer lies in your hands, there is fire on the mountain and no body is on the run.